Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thanks for every one

Hi All,
Thanks for your overwhelming response. Till date, this blog has attracted 400+ visitors and 2000 clicks for the last two months. The visitors are from different parts of the world. Many visitors are from India, United States, London. Thanks for one and all for your response. This gives me a great energy to continue the blog. In the following days, i will try to make this blog more interesting and helpful.
Future posts:
1) How to write technical specification
2) Planning to post ABAP Lessons

3) Real time business scenarios, at least two example objects in each division.

I request all of you to write comments on my posts.
All th
e best -
Best Regards,

Mr Reddy.

You are the Reason for the success of this blog. Please find the Visitors from different parts of the world.

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